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Kingpower Roll

“Thong Muan” a sweet dessert, requires meticulousness in every step of the process. Including the selection of fresh ingredients Especially coconut milk

Every taste is fragrant, crunchy, mellow, delicious, so oily that you can't stop. It is ready for everyone around the world to taste the unique sweet dessert. That can only be done in Thailand.

Kingpower Selection

“King Power Selection”, a merrily travel companion, is inspired from root of Thainess cuisine which created and interweaved with modernity that preserve original taste with meticulous of every cooking step. We selected the best and fresh ingredients from Thailand local. King Power Selection, the best Thai souvenir that you could enjoy anytime

Other Cafe

Other cafe is coffee community that express the modern and urban lifestyle. It is a way to create a community with those around you.

CAFE = Community Access For Everyone. Each neighborhood is different and the people who live and work there, who pass through for leisure from a particular community. Each of our cafes and restaurants are designed with the particular neighborhood and community in mind.